mercredi 17 août 2011

Training summary

Here is a list in rounded values of my training over the past 3 weeks, most of it being over the past 10 days:
* July 24, Moucherotte, 7h20, 36 km, 1900m+
* July 31, Bastille, 1h10, 10km, 300m+
* July 31, Lac Achard + Croix de Chamrousse, 3h, 10km, 600m+
* August 2, Neron - Jalla, 5h30, 23km, 1200m+
* August 5, St-Eynard, 4h, 23km, 1500m+
* August 7, Moucherotte, 2h45, 11km, 800m+
* August 8, Saint-Eynard, 3h15, 21km, 1300m+
* August 10, Dent de Crolles, 6h30, 32km, 2100m+
* August 12, Chamechaude-Emeindras-St-Eynard, 6h15, 34km, 2200m+
* August 14, Saint-Eynard trois fois, 5h30, 25km, 2600m+
* August 15, Lac Fourchu, 2h30, 6.5km, 400m+

So a total of 47h45mn out in the mountains (not counting the naps ^^) for 231km (horizontal) and 15000m+ (vertical). Wow... :-o
That is one GRP and a half...

Now who is ready to do 110km with 7100m+ in 24 hours? B-)
If only I could be confident in that...
But training sure helps. I guess now is the time for tapering!

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